Choosing the right pallet jack - our top 6 sellers
    1 Choosing the right pallet jack - our top 6 sellers

    We sell over 12 types of pallet jacks at Arrow, so it can be a little confusing to choose the right one for your business!  Getting it right depends on the types of things you are moving and how often you’re doing it.

    There are so many reasons to choose each different pallet jack, so we've ranked our top 6 sellers to help you out.

    POPULARITY (from most popular)

    1. Arrow 2.5T CHEP 4-Way Pallet Jack – this is our best-selling jack because it does almost everything for a great price. It is a st...
    Pallet Stackers – the forklift on a budget
    17 Pallet Stackers – the forklift on a budget

    So you’ve setup your small warehouse and you’re getting some orders.  Up until now you’ve been borrowing your neighbours forklift or hand stacking everything to the shelves, but it’s time you figured out a permanent solution.  And the last thing you need is to be “forking” out $20 grand for an expensive forklift that hardly gets used!

    That’s where Pallet Stackers maybe a great solution.  Easy to use, fast, safe and best of all, cheap!  And you don’t need a forklift licence to use one.

    What is ...

    Do I need "Trade Approved" scales?
    7133 Do I need "Trade Approved" scales?

    At Arrow we sell stock scales that are labelled as ‘Trade Approved’.  Customers often ask us what this means and if they need ‘Trade Approved’ scales for their business.

    If you are packaging or selling goods by weight, measure or number, in the domestic market, according to the Weights and Measures Act 1987 your scales must be ‘Trade Approved’.

    ‘Trade Approved’ scales have been examined by Trading Standards (a government agency) to be suitable for trade and they believe that they will not f...

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